Building Link Popularity The Way Google Loves It!

One of the best ways to generate free traffic is via the search engines. If you have some prior SEO knowledge, then you know that the best way to improve your rankings in the search engines is by establishing relevant links to your website. So building link popularity is indeed important.But very few webmaster know how to build link popularity the way Google loves it.So how do you generate a link building campaign that all the search engines will love?Well, before I get into this, let me first explain what link popularity is.Link popularity, in simple words, refers to the number of websites that post a link to your website. Some SEO experts believe that the more links that post a link to your website, the more your rankings improve in the search engines. But this is not always the case. Link popularity is a little more complicated than this.When building link popularity you want to take into account a list of things. But for the sake of this report, I just reduced the list down to 2 important factors that will affect the way Google and the rest of the other search engines list your site.1. Choosing the Right WebsitesSelecting the right sites to request a link partnership from will be responsible for the great part of your success. Your main objective, when launching a linking campaign is to establish links on sites that are truly related, or in the same theme of your website. If you are trying to build links for a site that discusses potty training for dogs, then you do not want to request a link partnership from a site in the make money niche. These two topics are completely unrelated. The Google search engine has an algorithm that recognizes unrelated linking patterns and they will penalize your website if they find them. Therefore, study the websites of your potential link partners.2. Grow Your Links SlowlyWith the way the search engine algorithms are acting right now, it is much more safer to slowly grow your link popularity day by day. It will be a lot safer to gather about 4 or 5 link partners per day rather than 20 a day. You should never blast a link request to an email list with a bunch of people looking for link partners. Any type of irregular, or excessive link growth will trigger the search engines and cause them to penalize your site. Never grow your link popularity too fast. Just be patient and you’ll be much better off in the end.That is it for my 2 important rules for developing link popularity. Just adhere to these link building rules on a daily basis and you’ll see great traffic improvements in 3 months time.A key rule is to try and continually build your link popularity until Google lists at least 100 links pointing to your website. This is a small rule of thumb for us SEO marketers. Any website with 100 link partners listed in Google is known to pull some pretty decent traffic.

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